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A safari yoga retreat in Africa

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Yoga Safari Yoga Retreat In Africa

Tick off your bucket list this year and head to the wild Ugandan bush for a yoga safari like no other. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect on The Safari Retreat

You hear a sound and look up from your yoga mat, quickly turning to your left. There, down below the hill where you have just finished your class is a family of elephants, peacefully grazing in the bushes below. You pull out your phone and take a picture, then quickly sit back down to enjoy a moment of pure tranquility . An ice-cold mango and passion fruit or cold Nile special Ugandan-made beer is brought over to your mat, and you sigh a breath of calmness and harmony that is hard to attain in our usual fast-paced lives.

Safari Yoga Retreat In Africa offers unique raw, real and authentic wellness retreats to Uganda. Live for a while amongst wildlife and big nature and feel your soul exhale. Feel rejuvenated, disconnect from the busyness of the world and reconnect with yourself in the wilderness

Safari Yoga Retreat In Africa offer a one-of-a-kind wellness experience, for all yoga levels and experiences, based in all game parks in Uganda.

Enjoy a morning coffee overlooking a herd of elephants, Buffaloes, warthogs, giraffes, walk around in the African sunshine. Relax with a gentle yoga session in the morning and in the evening. Imagine the stories you will tell. From the morning’s game drives, sunset yoga session o and then falling asleep at night to the roar of the lions.

Your destination is our safari Lodges, an elegant, exclusive and informal lodges nestled in over 25,000 acres of prime wildlife habitat. Here, you can gallop alongside zebras on horseback, walk with elephants, do a day’s game drive in open-sided 4X4’s, search for leopards by torchlight and swim in our beautiful pools. Not only will you have a world class safari, but you will also be grounded daily through wellness yoga classes and workshops. All  by expert teachers from all over the world.

A home away from home atmosphere, the lodges offer swimming pools and with a large sitting area, dining room, bars and expansive veranda. This offers  undisturbed views of the bush and water bodies (lakes & rivers) beyond with plenty of time to relax.

All our retreat packages are all-inclusive of meal, soft drinks, safari activities, transport and wellness classes.

Yoga Retreat Uganda



Why Visit Uganda?

Uganda the Pearl of Africa offers a lot from its rich bio-diversity to its friendly people. Because of this it’s commonly regarded as ‘gifted by Nature’. It offers amazing wildlife adventures in its numerous national parks such as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park home to the mountain gorillas.  Murchison Falls National Park where you will see the powerful Murchison falls on river Nile, Queen Elizabeth national park filled with numerous wild animals, Kibale National Park home to the chimpanzees among many others. Enjoy the thrilling Water Rafting adventures as you explore the source of the longest river in Africa – River Nile found in Uganda. Interact with the very friendly people and explore its beautiful green countryside under the warm tropical sunshine.


Buffalo in Queen Elizabeth National Park - 8 Days Uganda Wildlife and Primates Tour


Why take a safari in Uganda?

Meet the friendly Ugandans with diverse Cultures . Uganda takes pride in being multicultural with each having its own unique language, traditional practices, dress code, cultural dances and songs. All these you can personally experience by   taking part in the cultural safaris.

Taste the fresh fruits and vegetables including mangoes, oranges, water melons, guavas, jack fruits, cabbages lettuce, spinach and many others all locally cultivated here

Adventure – Uganda possesses a growing adventures industry. yow will be treated to whitewater rafting on the River Nile’s Class 5 rapids enjoy wildlife game drives, bungee jumping, and cultural visits, visit the waterfalls, boat rides, climb, mountains, forest walks and enjoy bird watching tours

Explore River Nile- Uganda is home to the true source of the Nile which is the longest river in Africa; and this is found in Jinja. Spend the entire time enjoying various water activities on the Nile. Also Lake Victoria which is the second largest freshwater lake in the world



Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Gorilla tracking –this is one of the main reasons people travel from all over the world to Uganda. Track and spend some time taking pictures and observing these peaceful giant gorillas within Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. They share nearly 98% of their DNA with man; they are a must see for every traveler to Uganda.

Mountain Gorilla - 5 Days Uganda Gorilla and Wildlife Safari

     Activity 6:  Mountain Gorilla at Bwindi

Activity 7: Antelopes at Lake Mburo N.P       Activity 8: Savana Elephant at Murchison Falls

Impenetrable N.P

What to see on a safari in Uganda?

The beautiful Terrain; drive through the beautiful countryside and see the green undulating terrains with coffee and banana plantations as well as the traditional homesteads and some cattle grazing.

Wildlife – visit the national parks in Uganda and get the opportunity to see the various wild animals including the Big Five, several herbivores like zebras, giraffes, different antelopes plus the giant Nile crocodiles and hippos. See the amazing Bwindi Mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees and different monkey species all in their natural environment. You will also be fascinated by the rich diversity of bird species like the rare Shoebill stock.

Mountain Rwenzori; It is a snow capped mountain found in western Uganda .Rwenzori is ranked as the second highest in East Africa. You can take mountain climbing trips to its summit.

The Murchison Falls, these are found in northwestern Uganda and are among the most powerful waterfalls on river Nile. Enjoy a boat ride on the Nile to enjoy an up-close experience with water species like the giant crocodiles, hippos plus a great array of birds.

The Source of the Nile – this is found in Jinja town and there you can enjoy different water adventures such as bungee jumping and white water rafting.

Where to Stay On a Ugandan Safari / Lodges and Accommodation.

When going on Safari Yoga Retreat In Africa, most tourists ask themselves where they are going to sleep. Fortunately, Uganda offers a wide variety of accommodation options ranging from tented safari camps, lodges, hotels and resorts. Majority of the National Parks you will visit in Uganda have lodges or camps inside their boundaries or just nearby. In Bwindi, you find so many lodges for your gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.

However it is important to note that the type of accommodation you will choose will depend on your budget since the accommodation is categorized in the form of the expensive luxury 5 star facilities, the mid-range and then affordable budget facilities. We will help you choose based on your needs and budget.

Chobe lodge in Murchison falls National Park

When to Go on Safari Yoga Retreat In Africa?

This is among the commonly asked questions regarding Uganda. However, the obvious answer is – You may visit Uganda at any time of year! The main difference may be the cost of your safari which is normally higher in the peak season. Although it’s true that the country experiences rainy seasons, these rains aren’t bad enough to prevent you from traveling or enjoying your safari. The months May and April are often discounted by most tour operators and the Uganda Wildlife Authority normally offers discounts for the gorilla permits. However I recommend that you visit the country during its dry seasons which are from January to February and then June to the start of September.

Game viewing is best during the dry season when most animals gather around the water holes. Bird watching can be done all year round though preferably from November to April when there are several migrant species are present. you can check out our latest itinerary to learn more

How Much Does an African Safari Cost?

We will work with your group to customize your Safari adventure. The type of accommodations you’d like and the excursions you would like to include will affect your package price. The size of your group will affect pricing as well. As they say, the more, the merrier (and less expensive!)


Three day Mountain Gorilla trekking packages start as low as $1700 per person, with discounts for larger groups.

Many groups like to plan at least 7-12 days in Uganda to make the most of their African experience and try to ‘see it all’.  (7 day trips start at $2700 per person for budget, $ 4200 for mid-range and 5500 for luxury) check out our 2023 and learn more about it.

Traveling with African Roots Vacation Tours can be surprisingly affordable and we will work with you to build your DREAM vacation! We can plan a trip into the jungle to see gorillas in the wild, view chimpanzees in their natural habitat or stick to seeing the plethora of wildlife in the parks. Contact us and we’ll start planning your dream trip right now!



Bush Breakfast in Murchison falls national park

Are Ugandans Hospitable?

Uganda is recognized for being one of Africa’s friendliest countries for tourists. Uganda – the Pearl of Africa gladly welcomes all its visitors from whichever part of the world to come and explore this unique country.  Occasionally you may read through some negative remarks concerning Uganda as a country however, the people who have had the opportunity to visit this country say that it is one of the friendliest nations, gifted with many friendly kind people with a rich heritage and diverse culture. In fact you can always tip Ugandans as a way of appreciating their kindness and open heartedness. Although the once discussed LGBTQ+ bill seemed to brand Uganda as an unsafe destination, this is definitely not true. The country welcomes all visitors from whichever corner of the world they come from.

How About the Weather While On Safari in Uganda?

The pleasant weather in Uganda is just one more reason for visiting this country as one of the leading tourist destinations in Africa. The country experiences in general a temperate climate that makes it very easy to enjoy the different safari activities throughout the year including gorilla tracking, game drives and birds watching.


8 days Uganda safari - leopard in tree
A Leopard in Queen Elizabeth National Park


There are a couple of ways to explain the wonderful weather of Uganda and among these is the location of the country on the equator and also the geographical altitude which provide it with a characteristic evergreen attribute. Uganda is a country that many refer to as endowed by Mother Nature and gifted by the very friendly happy people that also pride in a rich culture hence the name – the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is a country that waits to be explored by any enthusiastic adventurer.  With its multiplicity of its people; it is genuinely the concealed pearl of Africa and awaiting you to explore it.



We live it. You’ll love it.



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