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Igongo Cultural Centre

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Igongo Cultural Centre

This beautiful cultural centre is located along Mbarara – Kampala highway with several interesting features that makes it worth to visit while in Western Uganda. It was opened in 2009 to preserve, document and promote the culture of the people of South Western Uganda as cultural values are important in the society. The cultural centre presents the past, artefacts and history, in a truthful way clearly defining musical instruments, farming and hunting implements, war weapons, and tools used in the production of beer, regalia related to traditional medicine and speciality, methods of smelting and blacksmithing. There are several features that make the centre a more interesting place for visiting and encounter the cultural life of western people.

Igongo cultural Centre is a collection of artefacts of all tribes of South Western Uganda thus presenting a rich historical and heritage trail. The features at Igongo cultural centre that creates an incredible experience include: Erijakir museum where one can encounter western culture and artefacts preserved. Eitaramiro cultural village showcasing the evolution of typical Nyankore and Kigezi households (traditional homestead complete with real milk gourds, calabashes, hides and skins, fireplace together with grinding stones, millet, flour and farming tools).

Mbuuro garden with a beautiful scenery rolled over a felt landscape overlooking the hills of Nshaara and dotted with amazing works of art including Mayenje g’ Ishinjo Rutanyoubwa Bigomba which is an ancient historical cow that brought the kingdom of Ankole and Buhweju at war due its beauty and extra ordinary milk production capacity, with sculptures of other animals and people. Restaurant that serves traditional cuisine like Eshabwe and Karo along with local drink made from millet or sorghum. An impressive Nkwanzi craft and book shop with craft items made by skilled people using local materials and knowledge, a great bookshop has an interesting selection of Uganda reading material especially about culture of tribes from western Uganda. The Biharwe Eclipse Monument, found directly across from the Centre depicting a top of Biharwe Hill. It was built to commemorate a victory for Ankole kingdom 500 years ago, following an eclipse that saw the invading king retreat in fear and never returns, spooked as day plunged into sudden darkness

All this presents an opportunity for a visitor to explore the traditional lifestyle of western people with a collection of historical artefacts. The cultural centre is ideal for cultural tour, events and ceremonies where people hold parties like wedding, introduction, graduation etc.The beautiful scenery and view makes the event colourful and enjoyable. Igongo cultural centre the beauty of Uganda with beautiful cultures of the people from Western Uganda presents great experience to tourists from activities like encountering with culture, storytelling, camping, learning and viewing the beautiful scenery around the site. Viewing display of crafts made from local materials like beads, necklaces, pottery utensils, glancing at an exhibition of iron smelting where metals are turned into tools like spears, axes and knives, watching of traditional performances like entogoro, ebitaguriro and a fashion show by Igongo Cultural Troupe, seeing cultural process like processing of local brew, how millet bread is prepared, how milk churning and how traditional ghee is processed. All these are great opportunities for presenting incredible experience to visitors who visit this place. There is also village walk, cultural entertainment and checking out the eclipse monument which complement on the experience that one may receive when is at Igongo cultural Centre.

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