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Kitagata Hot Springs

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Kitagata Hot springs greatly attracts people because of their hot and curative waters, historical and spiritual attachment that they have. Kitagata Hot Springs are other great attractions in the western part of Uganda which one would not miss to visit; they are located 1 kilometre from the Kitagata trading centre with hot water at temperature of 80°C. They were discovered in 1904 and River Ngaromwenda that supplies water to the hot springs. Scientists explain that the hot springs are a result of volcanic system around this area, in that beneath the surface in the area like Kitagata, there is heat from hot rocks or magma. When it comes into contact with any water above the ground it heats it leading to hot springs. The water on the surface seeps through cracks in the earth and results in steam and sometimes the waters are heated to boiling point.

There are two adjacent hot springs i.e. Ekyomugabe and Mulago with both historical and medicinal values. Historically, the King of Ankole once used the spring locally referred to as Ekyomugabe meaning the King’s spring which makes an attractive story that attracts people. While the other adjacent hot spring is referred to as Mulago implying hospital for healing, this place is a healing Centre. This makes Kitagata hot springs worth to visit and a place one would not miss visiting when is in western Uganda especially from Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi and Lake Mburo National Parks. People who visit this place are not allowed to fight, to make noise, to smoke and use of soap. The waters in the springs is considered to be curative because of the presence of minerals and chemicals with medicinal values in them such as sodium chloride, potassium chloride, lithium sulphate, calcium sulphate, calcium phosphate among others.

Panoramic hills and inselbergs characterized by valleys and serene green vegetation of trees and grass present an attractive scenic view and make the place ideal for nature walk, this beauty around Kitagata hot springs present ideal experience to Eco tourists. Many visitors travel to Kitagata to treat themselves to the hot baths or to catch a glimpse of people bathing in these natural hot Spas. Patients from as far as 100 kilometres crowd theses springs to soak themselves in the spring waters for healing and some other patients drink the sulphur rich waters. There are two zones at the Kitagata hot springs, one zone for women and children and another zone for men, also has two sections: one side has water hot enough to prepare porridge or egg while another side has warm water.

This place is a healing centre and also ideal place for leisure and tourism activities such as game viewing, nature walk, bird watching as well as giving people a chance to have a glimpse of God’s wonders. Gaining adventurous experience begins from here and paying a visit to this can feed you adventurous need as you really encounter the cultural life of people around Kitagata hot springs, come in contact with hot water with high temperature and others.


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