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Mabamba swamp

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Mabamba swamp

When you think about a place with activities that can provide you a relaxed atmosphere and exciting experience in Uganda, please think about Mabamba swamp. Mabamba swamp is located along the shores of Lake Victoria and it is a relative big swamp as it cuts across a long narrow bay covered by Cyperus papyrus. In the middle of this swamp, there is open water channel which is small but at times cut off part of the swamp from the main swamp and creates a swamp island of sort which sails away sometimes. Although, Mabamba swamp is a good tourism destination but it is the best and convenient place for shoebill watching.

The fact that Mabamba swamp is located along the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe, it is easier to visit it before proceeding to other destination or before leaving Uganda. This will give you a fascinating experience. Shoebill watching is great during morning hours when these birds stalk their prey although they may be spotted all day. Mabamba swamp is a habitat of a big number of shoebills including other species that gives a great bird watching experience to lovers of bird watching. The look and lifestyle of shoebill creates an interesting experience that one may not forget after the tour. It is more visible to access the Mabamba swamp by boat/canoe as it gives you an opportunity to see many bird species including shoebill. Mabamba swamp is a great tourism site because it offers opportunities for:

Bird watching, it is a habitat for over 300 bird species which gives you an opportunity to have exciting bird watching experience while at the site. During a walk in the swamp, you get a chance to see the most unique species shoebill and others like papyrus endemic birds such as Gonolek, yellow warble, migrants such as gull-billed Tern, the Blue Swallow, Spur-winged Goose and others thus making it a great birding destination in Uganda. The existence of many species made Mabamba to be identified as a Ramsar site then marked as an IBA which means very Important Bird Area.

Butterfly watching, besides the birds, this site has numerous species of butterflies which are attractive and appealing to the eyes of the viewers. Has about 200 butterfly species flying around the place making the whole place colorful, species common in this swamp are the Bicyclus sebetus, Abisaraneavei, Acraea consanquine, Acraea aganice, the Achaea aurivilli and others.

Spot fishing, this site is ideal for spot fishing as there are many fishermen that you can watch while fishing and at times you may join the fishing activity if you want to join them. The common species spotted at this site is Nile Tilapia.

Canoe riding, this on request may be organized on the lake and while on the canoes, you get the opportunity of watching birds well, do spot fishing using local materials like rod and hook. Canoe riding gives a chance to do shoebill trekking which gives a memorable experience.

Craft shopping and village walk, walking around gives you a chance to interact with the local people and have a look at the crafts they make nicely. These craft products include: baskets, huts, mats, bags made from local materials. The locals greatly depend on this swamp for building materials, herbs and medicine which is worth to encounter their culture. Visiting this place yields extra ordinary experience and reveals more about the beauty of Uganda as a tourism destination as you do not only get see but you also admire the nature in its habitat.


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