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Sport fishing

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Uganda is a great sport fishing destination because of diverse water bodies ranging from swamps to lakes with fresh waters suitable for survival of fish. Water bodies include L. Victoria, L. Kyoga, L. Edward, L. Geoge, L. Bunyonyi, L. Albert, R. Nile, R. Katonga, R. Kaf, waterfalls, swamps and wetlands. This makes Uganda a more adventurous destination with numerous interesting and adventurous tourist activities. Licensed sport fishing in Uganda is conducted from these designated places; Sipi Area near Mount Elgon, within Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo and on Lake Victoria.

It is a recreational activity gives exciting- incredible and challenging experience to participants in Uganda as one can catch large and heavy fish weighing up to 100 kilograms. These designated places  have different species in the waters that you can go for and enjoy, the fish species include: – Tilapia, Tiger fish, Cat fish, Nile perch, Barbel, Ferocious fighter.

Lake Mburo National Park, L. Mburo contains over six fish species with tilapia being the commonest spices which makes sport fishing possible and interesting.  The designated place on Lake Mburo for sport fishing is Mazinga, permit from Uganda Wildlife Authority and equipment to be used have be carried by the people who want to do it from this site.

Mount Elgon, sport fishing here is exciting as it is done above the highest of the three waterfalls at Sipi on the Mountain outside the park. The area is mostly known for the rainbow trout which makes the activity challenging recreational activity because of its beautiful coloration and fighting ability. To do sport fishing in this area, all you need is your equipment and a permit from the Sipi River Lodge.

Murchison Falls, its location on the shores of Victoria Nile and Lake Albert makes it is ideal sport fishing and provides exciting challenges to anglers. Catching a big Nile perch worth 108kg gives you the best experiences and memory, one only needs a permit from the Uganda Wildlife Authority and fishing is only allowed in the designated areas. People interested in sport fishing have to carry their own equipment for the activity.

Lake Victoria, this has fresh waters containing many fish spices and fishing on Victoria is open at any time so long as one complies with the fishing regulations of the Uganda wildlife Authority. Nile River and Ssese Island are some of the designated fishing grounds on Lake Victoria.

In order to be involved in this exciting activity at any of the designated places, you need a sport fishing permit from the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

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