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The Ssezibwa Falls

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The Ssezibwa Falls

Buganda is gifted with Ssezibwa Falls which attracts many people for various tourist activities. Ssezibwa Falls are located 35km away from Kampala in Mukono district along Kampala-Jinja highway and it is one of the Uganda’s hidden cultural treasures with one part owned by Buganda kingdom and another part owned by the Anglican Church of Uganda. The spiritual and impressive Falls hold unique status to the Baganda people believed to have been born by humans and the place has been a favourite spot for the Buganda kings. The Falls are spiritually and traditionally significant in Buganda as it is believed that Kabakas of Buganda Kingdom Mutesa II and Mwanga “tied” twins from. The place acts as a spiritual and cultural centre where local people flock for blessings, wealth, fortunes and traditional healers perform ceremonies to help them get connected to their ancestors and also get what they want.

The site is a reserved Buganda Heritage Site because it has cultural and traditional attachment to the Buganda Kingdom. The myth behind its formations forms an interesting story that everyone would wish to hear and witness. It is believed that River Ssezibwa and Bwanda were born twins by a woman called Nakkungu Tebatuusa whose husband was Nsubuga Sebwaatowho on her way to Kavuma Bukunja. The name Ssezibwa is derived from the Luganda word “sizbwa kkubo” translated as “my path cannot be blocked” and this is witnessed by the continuous flow of the Falls however much obstacles come, do not prevent it from flowing.

The location of these Falls along the Ssezibwa River that flows from the wetlands between L. Victoria and L. Kyoga at height of 7 meters forms stunning view of waterfalls marked with sharp-edged rocks and splendid sound of waters flowing down the indented rocks scenery. This scenic view is accompanied by the natural vegetation cover thus making it an ideal place for relaxation and enjoyment as the various bird species sings in the tree. This presents a delightful opportunity for tourists to experience and enjoy many activities such as: rock climbing, camping, nature guided walks, bird watching, healing, watching the waterfalls, for cultural dancing, viewing wildlife (bush monkeys, red-tailed monkeys and other primates) in the forest,  boat drive/canoeing, Community walks, Hiking, Mountain biking.

For cultural tour, you will meet many shrines at the top of the Ssezibwa Falls where people go for worship and performing cultural rituals. There are traditional healers who own these shrines and people come at this place to seek for blessings and removal of curses from ancestors. This is because; it believed that the Falls have supernatural powers that connect people to their ancestors to receive long life, defeat of their enemies, and wealth among others. Traditional healers perform ceremonies for those seeking love, wealth, children, good harvest, business success and others. Also there is performance of cultural dances to entertain guest and this makes guests to have great cultural encounter and a memorable history.

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