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What to see on a safari in Uganda?

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What to see on a safari in Uganda?

The beautiful Terrain; drive through the beautiful countryside and see the green undulating terrains with coffee plus banana plantations as well as the traditional homesteads and some cattle grazing.

Wildlife – visit the national parks in Uganda and get the opportunity to see the various wild animals including the Big Five, several herbivores like zebras, giraffes, different antelopes plus the giant Nile crocodiles and hippos. See the amazing Bwindi Mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees and different monkey species all in their natural environment. You will also be fascinated by the rich diversity of bird species like the rare Shoebill stock.

Mountain Rwenzori; It is a snow caped mountain found in western Uganda .Rwenzori is ranked as the second highest in East Africa. You can take mountain climbing trips to its summit.

The Murchison Falls, these are found in northwestern Uganda and are among the most powerful waterfalls on river Nile. Enjoy a boat ride on the Nile to enjoy an up-close experience with water species like the giant crocodiles, hippos plus a great array of birds.

The Source of the Nile – this is found in Jinja town and there you can enjoy different water adventures such as bungee jumping and white water rafting.

Uganda the Pearl of Africa offers a lot from its rich bio-diversity to its friendly people and because of this it’s common regarded as ‘gifted by Nature’. It offers amazing wildlife adventures in its numerous national parks such as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park home to the mountain gorillas, Murchison Falls National Park where you will see the powerful Murchison falls on river Nile, Queen Elizabeth filled with numerous wild animals, Kibaale National Park home to the chimpanzees among many others. Enjoy the thrilling Water Rafting adventures as you explore the source of the longest river in Africa – River Nile found in Uganda. Interact with the very friendly people and explore its beautiful green countryside under the warm tropical sunshine and this will answer the question “What to see on a safari in Uganda”?


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