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Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

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Lake Mburo National Park Uganda | Wildlife Viewing, Boat Cruise and Horse Riding

Lake Mburo National Park is Uganda’s smallest Savannah national park and the closest from Kampala. Lake Mburo occupies an area of about 260 square kilometres and it was originally gazette as a mere hunting ground but was later upgraded to the status of a game reserve and offering wildlife safaris in Uganda.

How to get to Lake Mburo National Park

This park is situated in the Western part of Uganda like many others, along the Mbarara highway just about 30 km before you get to you get to Mbarara town from Kampala

This park is largely covered by open and the wooded savanna vegetation, some parts are covered with seasonal and others have permanent wetlands. There are like 5 different small lakes with the biggest of all being Lake Mburo from which the park gets its name. This park has unique beautiful scenery and habitat because it lies at the intersection of two different organic zones.

Attractions and Safari Activities in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park Wildlife Species

There are very many wildlife species found in this park except elephants.  You can except different types of antelopes like the water-bucks, impalas, the bush-bucks, the topis, elands, there are also very many Uganda kobs. This is one out of the 2 parks in Uganda where you will find the Zebras, recently giraffes were introduced to the park, buffaloes, hippos are commonly seen within the wetlands and along the shores of Lakes. Leopards are rare but may be seen as they roam around the park.

To be able to see variety of wildlife as you possibly can, you need to go for a nature walk or a game drive with your guide, you can also visit the salt lick region where these animals converge to lick that salty soil. A horseback ride can also be arranged and you have a guided ride through the park, this way, you can reach points like at the top of hills where you can hardly reach if you were driving or on a nature walk. The view from the top of mountains is simply breathtaking.

Bird Species in Lake Mburo National Park

There are over 300 different bird species that found a home in this park. Those that are interested in bird watching can go for a guided birding adventure in the park and can be sure that you will see as many birds as more than 200 species if you are a keen birder.

This park is a home to those internationally threatened different species like the Papyrus Yellow Warbler and also the rare Shoebill stork which is a commonly sought bird across the world. There are over 22 Palaearctic species and there are also Afro-tropical migrant birds which fly from different parts of the world when environment conditions become unfavorable for them and then back when the season has passed.

Lodges in Lake Mburo National Park

There are various accommodation facilities where you can have meals and spend your night during your visits to Lake Mburo national park. There hotels for those on a low budget and such hotel include Rwonyo bandas owned by the Uganda wildlife authority, Rwakobo rock safari lodge.

The Midrange accommodation include Eagles’ nest lodge, Lake Mburo safari lodge, Arcadia cottages, among others.

The big spenders can spend their nights in the luxury Mihingo lodge or Mantana tented camp, among others.

 Special Note

Like many other national parks and conservation areas, their main challenge is human encroachment. Lake Mburo is the most affected compared to any other park in the country by human activities. For instance there is a lot of illegal hunting going for bush meat and the antelopes are the most affected. Birds like the crested cranes are also killed; wetlands are encroached on for farming space, to harvest papyrus from which the locals make mats and baskets and hats that they sell to earn a living.


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